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Industry 4.0 - Innovation and digital transformation at your service.

Technical consultancy at your service wherever there is a need for equipment and instrumentation and a lot more. Q-EZY® - Our system allows you to track the life cycle of your equipment and tecnical instrumentation wherever they are. Multi level web based and mobile oriented platform, Q-EZY® uses QR Technology as an interface to access your documentation and all relating information as well as geo localization of each tagged item.

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will increase your productivity and control.

Our system will allow you to easily access all your data, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Documentation and certificates for vehicles, personnel, equipment and their geolocalization will always be available through Android, Apple and web applications including all the expiry dates and more. Easy to use, efficient and dynamic, flexible and easy to adapt in any situation, Q-EZY® follows you around and will support you in your business decisions.

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QR Technology

Q-EZY® uses QR Technology as its interface for endless applications.

Q-EZY® represents a great solution to centralize and digitalize all your paperwork and deadlines. Q-EZY® consists of a mobile APP mobile and a multilevel WEB based platform which allows all operators to access detailed informations and also geolocalize the items readily and easily.

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Q-EZY is here for you.

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